Jiu Jitsu Parents-Children


We propose Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes that are adapted for children and invite their parents to join them. We progressively train our students to fight on the ground, without strikes, and to control the opponent with joint locks, chokeholds, etc..

Our young students perform especially well in spite of the complexity of the techniques they are learning. They soon realize that they can apply these techniques to opponents taller and heavier than themselves: they become more motivated and self confident. Parents who accompagny their kids also get more motivated whether it is to keep up with their children or for the pleasure of sharing this activity with them.

  • Physical workout that favors flexibility
  • Basic techniques (joint locks, stances, freeing techniques, etc.)
  • Fighting practice under supervision

Our school is a member of Bujindo ( Progressibe Grappling Art) and uses its evaluation system.