Our School

Our Karate and Martial Arts school is dynamic, professional and inclusive. We are proud to promote the practice of traditional Japanese karate since more than 20 years and to contribute to popularize grappling, kickboxing, boxing and mixed martial arts in the region of Joliette.

Our Chief Instructor, Sensei Dominic Morin, 4th dan, is largely responsible  for the lasting succes of our school. His passion for karate and teachning and his large knowledge of martial arts inpires him to always take on new challenges.

Sensei Dominic has surrounded himself with a team of seasoned instructors as passionate  as himself. Together, they promote the practice of martial arts in a safe, respectful and friendly atmosphere and contribute to the wellbeing of a growing number of adepts.


Sensei Dominic Morin, 4th dan, is a very respected member of the martial arts community. A dynamic teacher, he is very appreciated by his students at Kanreikai Joliette. He pursues his dream with passion and enthusiasm, just like the fighter he is, – one who looks straight ahead and never quits!


The instructors who assist Sensei Domnic are united by their passion for martial arts and  their desire to pass on their knowledge to their students.

They guide and motivate their students to take on challenges challenges and always push their limits.