Kickboxing and Boxing


Due to their popularity, our kickboxing classes are designed for adultes (coed), women only (with notions of self-defense) or kids and parents. Each class is a fitness workout that improves the student’s coordination, flexibility and power. Kickboxing is a stimulation activity that help adults to reduce stress and younger ones to channel exccess of energy.

  • Punching, kicking, blocking techniques
  • Training two by two with pads
  • Fighting technique
  • Sparring under supervision

Our school has a competition team and is a  member of the Quebec Amateur Kickboxing Association.


We offer boxing classes for kids (mini-boxing) and for adults. In each case, our students learn the ropes of this combat sport in a safe and respectfull way. They benefit from a cardio fitness workout  and improve their coordination, power, reflexes, and concentration.

  • Cardio fitness workout
  • Boxing techniques
  • Training with bag and targets
  • Sparring under supervision