Karate Classes

At Kanreikai Joliette, our karate program has proven itself. We have been teaching karate for more than 20 years. We make sure to offer services adapted to the needs of modern families while maintaining the traditional aspect of Japanese karate. Our karate classes are offered in a safe environment where discipline, respect, hard work and friendship dominate.

MINI-NINJA – 3 to 6 years old

Our Mini-Ninja classes allow kids aged 3 to 6 to discover basic notions of karate while having fun. Our young students develop coordination, concentration and self-confidence in addition to getting a physical workout in a safe and respectful environment.


In our beginner level karate classes, newcomers  (7 years old and up) start learning traditional Japanese karate techniques within the Kanreikai Joliette family. Parents and children train together and all benefit from our certified instructors.


In our intermediate level classes (Yellow Belt and up), our students consolidate their basic techniques and improve their kata and fighting technique. Advances level classes (Green Belt and up) are centered on perfecting kata, weapon kata and fighting technique.


Our Competition Team distinguishes itself in local, regional and international karate tournaments. It is however very inclusive and gladly welcomes all students interested in joining and ready to train harder!