Intermediate and Advanced Levels


Our intermediate level students (Blue Belt/Yellow Tip to Orange Belt/Green Tip) pursue their learning of karate. They are now familiar with the ways and rules of conduct of the dojo. Several among them have already taken part in tournaments in kata and1or fighting events and all are at ease within the Kanreikai Joliette family.

Requirements for promotion tests are higher:

  • Intermediate basic techniques (stances, punches, kicks, blocks, shuto)
  • Pre-established sequences of intermediate techniques (Kata)
  • Initiation to the handling of traditional Japanese weapons
  • Intermediate fighting techniques
  • Sparring under supervision

These students enjoy training at the dojo with their friends. They are a source of inspiration for newcomers and facilitate their initiation to karate.


Our advanced level students (Green Belt to Black Belt) continue to learn new techniques but mostly work at perfecting their art from all points of view. They must prepare for increasingly demanding belt promotion tests and ensure an their excellent fitness.

  • Mastering all basic techniques (stances, punches, kicks, blocks, shuto, elbow strukes, shotei…)
  • Kata of great complexity
  • Traditional weapon Kata (bo, tonfa, nunchaku, sai)
  • Complex fighting techniques
  • Intense fighting practice

Some of these students assist the instructors during classes of lower levels and thus assimilate notions of teaching. THey train several times per week and largely contribute to the friendly and dynamic atmosphere of Kanreikai Joliette dojo.